berth no 4

  • Cuxhaven hosts the Maritime Working Group of the ECG

    HWG members as well as representatives of shipping companies, ports and the automotive industry discuss the future of automotive logistics

    Participants of the ECG’s maritime working group at the Cuxport terminal. copyright: Cuxport GmbH.Cuxhaven, 5 March 2018 - For the second time, Cuxhaven was the host city for the Maritime & Ports Working Group of ECG, the European Association for Vehicle Logistics, at the beginning of March. The main topics of the meeting were the relationship between shipping companies, ports, terminal operators and logistics service providers and the role of the ECG as well as the ongoing digitalisation of the supply chain.

    The working group is primarily concerned with issues of importance to stakeholders in the sector, including shipping companies, European port and terminal operators, road and rail vehicle logistics service providers, manufacturers and organisations. The HWG members Cuxport, DFDS Germany and BLG Automobile Logistics were co-sponsors of the event. In addition to the meeting, a supporting programme offered visitors an opportunity to network with the port industry in Cuxhaven. During a bus tour, the facilities and current developments in the port were also presented.

    "As on our previous visit, we have been extremely well welcomed by our hosts in Cuxhaven. It is impressive to see the developments and investments that have been carried out to increase the port facilities for the benefit of our customers and the industry in general. Good infrastructure and efficient management are the only methods to secure and develop the business in this highly competitive market," as Marcos Duato Mollera, President of ECG's Maritime & Ports Working Group, described the visit.

    Particularly interesting for the 40-member delegation was the presentation of Cuxport berth no. 4, which will soon be operational, as well as other port and terminal expansion areas. Another highlight was the presentation on the digitalisation of logistics processes in ports by Mark Scheerlinck of Logit One, who co-developed a digital booking platform for the port of Antwerp.

    Oliver Fuhljahn, Head of Automobile Logistics at Cuxport, summarized: "As a member of the ECG working group, we have been supporting the exchange of ideas in the industry for seven years now. With the digitisation of supply chains and logistics processes, a future-oriented topic that we are very much concerned with, was once again addressed. In addition, we were able to present the developments since the last visit in 2014, including the new capacity for RoRo transhipment at our berth no.4."


    About HWG

    The Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) represents the interests of Cuxhaven’s maritime companies, institutions and private individuals united by the common goal of marketing and further developing the port at the mouth of the river Elbe. The HWG also promotes Cuxhaven’s standing as the most important port site for offshore wind energy in Germany.


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  • Environmental Compensatory Zone for Berth No. 4 shows Positive Developments

    Niedersachsen Ports presents an environmental conservation project

    v.l.n.r.: Hans-Gerd Janssen, Niederlassungsleiter Cuxhaven, Alexandra Brandt, NPorts Projektleiterin, Holger Banik, Geschäftsführer NPorts, Knut Kokkelink, NPorts Abteilungsleiter; Copyright: NPortsSince its completion in 2017, the compensatory zone created by Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts) for the construction of berth no. 4 in Cuxhaven has developed well. Together with a specialized partner, the HWG member has established an approximately 30 hectare large conservation project near Hemmoor, which is situated roughly 30 kilometers inland from Cuxhaven.

    During the roughly two year project, the intensively used forestry zone, which did not offer much of an ecosystem for flora and fauna, has been converted into an area of marshes and wetlands. For this purpose, e.g., five large shallow water areas were built and so called ditches were installed for drainage. In the coming years, NPorts will continue to support this zone.

    “It is important that we take responsibility for our construction measures and contribute to natural conservation. It is a great success that one year after the end of this project, there has been so much progress,” said Kurt Kokkelink, Technical Department Director at Niedersachsen Ports in Stade and Cuxhaven.

    Meanwhile, according to the regional infrastructure working group Struktur- und Umweltforschung GmbH (ARSU), 50 different bird species have settled in the zone. To this end, 32 bird breeds were verified by way of a breed certification or, as it may be, a breed assessment. This includes some endangered species. Other species, like amphibians or insects, have also settled in the zone.

    "In total, NPorts owns 3,528 hectares of land. Of this, 875 hectares are dedicated to conservation. This is how we can create and ensure a sustainable future for our ports,” said Holger Banik, General Manager of Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG and of JadeWeserPort Realisierungs GmbH & Co. KG.






  • Inauguration of Berth No. 4

    Cuxport Terminal extension increases RoRo and heavy lift capacity

    Copyright: Joachim Wöhlkens / DFDSOn 19 September, the new heavy lift berth in Cuxhaven was officially inaugurated. 8.5 hectares stretching along 290 metres of pier with a water depth of 17.3 metres provide plenty of space for storage and transshipment of cargo. This includes RoRo cargo, such as vehicles or goods being carried on MAFI-trailers or trucks, along with heavy project cargo, such as the roughly 30-metre long, bright yellow transition pieces destined for a German Bight wind farm project and that are being loaded onto the jack-up ship from the pier this autumn.

    The port company Niedersachsen Ports and the terminal operator, Cuxport, who are both members of the Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG), had sent out the official invitation for the inauguration event. Approximately 150 guests were in attendance, including Lower Saxony Culture and Science Minister Björn Thümler and Enak Ferlemann, the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Transport Ministry, as well as Cuxhaven’s Lord Mayor, Dr. Ulrich Getsch.

    In his opening speech, Niedersachsen Port’s general manager, Holger Banik, reported on the successful construction work which created the new infrastructure: “Today, we’re celebrating the result of a great team effort and a vibrant cooperation with Cuxport. The state has invested 36 million euros in this port installation. We have built a high-performing, modern port installation in just approximately two years. Berth no. 4 provides Cuxhaven with more capacity for more cargo growth and more development. This is going to make the port stronger.”

    Hans-Peter Zint, Managing Director of Cuxport, emphasized in his speech the Cuxport terminal‘s multi-purpose strategy and illustrated the importance of Cuxhaven as a nexus for maritime supply chains to Northern Europe and beyond. “Berth no. 4’s potential lies not just in the expansion of today’s short sea routes. Thanks to the 17.3-metre water depth, it also means the expansion of our services portfolio for intercontinental supply chains. Through this, we want Cuxhaven to become a hub for deep sea routes as well.”

  • Lower Saxon Minister President Weil visits Cuxhaven

    An SPD Lower Saxon parliament delegation attends event regarding port development, offshore wind and Brexit

    SPD parliamentary delegation and Cuxport representatives on the viewing platform at the Cuxport terminal. Copyright: Cuxport GmbH

    In the context of a closed meeting, a delegation of the Lower Saxon SPD parliamentary group, led by Minister President Stephan Weil and State Parliament Member Uwe Santjer, visited the port of Cuxhaven on 12 March. First, they visited the Offshore Safety Training Center in Cuxhaven and gathered information from managing director Rolf Fremgen. The guests were given a presentation regarding the safety requirements for employees in offshore wind parks and a demonstration regarding procedures to be followed in the event of a helicopter crash, as done in the context of the ‘Survival at Sea’ training course.

    At the Cuxport terminal, the party members were able to absorb the new infrastructure situation at berth no. 4, which is already fully in use and currently handling extra volume triggered by Brexit. Accordingly, the two managing directors of Cuxport, Michael de Reese and Hans-Peter Zint (also HWG chairman) reported on the preparatory measures relating to Brexit such as new IT applications and employee trainings. Hans-Peter Zint spoke about the opportunities presented by the exit of the United Kingdom for Cuxhaven, for example if the channel ports become saturated due to the necessary customs formalities. “Cuxhaven is ready and can, if necessary, handle redirected cargoes.”

    During the subsequent bus tour through the port, Cuxport showed the guests future development plans. Between berths no. 4 and no. 8, the state-owned company Niedersachsen Ports will build out three further berths and develop the areas behind it, which are directly accessible, for cargo operations. “The precondition for stable and future-ready port operations in all of Lower Saxony is the continuous, appropriate financing of state-owned port operator Niedersachsen Ports amounting to at least 40 million euros per year. This visit has given us the opportunity to express to the State Parliament members that a stable, reliable political framework is necessary not just for this, but also for the expansion of offshore wind energy,” added de Reese.

    To conclude the port visit, a tour of the Offshore Base took place, where the party members were given the chance to watch the loading of ready-to-go offshore wind turbines onto the specialized vessel ‘Rotra Vente’ via Ro/Ro procedures.

  • New Berth No. 4’s First Offshore Project

    Cuxport supports the Deutsche Bucht wind farm as an installation port

    copyright: Cuxport GmbHEven prior to its official launch, berth no. 4 at Cuxport’s terminal in Cuxhaven was the setting for its first offshore project. Cuxport is supporting Dutch company Van Oord in its capacity as a heavy lift terminal with a total of 8.5 hectares of area for the storage and transshipment of monopiles and transition pieces designated for the new Northland Power Deutsche Bucht wind farm. The wind farm is the third project of Canadian utility company Northland Power and is currently being built in the German exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the North Sea.

    The wind farm requires 31 transition pieces to be stored at berth no. 4 in their respective sequence of installation. The segments, which weigh 300 tons, were previously delivered by heavy lift ship from Spain to Cuxhaven and were lifted onto the pier subsequently by ships gear. Additionally, 31 monopiles were transported from Rostock by barge to Cuxhaven. In Cuxhaven, they were directly lifted from the barge onto the jack-up ship and then transported together with the transition pieces to the offshore construction zone.

    “By deploying shipside gear, the project can be carried out entirely without a landside crane. The use of the new berth for this project so quickly after its completion clearly shows its necessity for the market and the port,” said Roland Schneider, head of business development at Cuxport.

  • Hans-Gerd Janssen enters into retirement amidst festivities

    New management for the NPorts office in Cuxhaven

    f.l.t.r.: Holger Banik, Spokesperson of the management board of Niedersachsen Ports; Hans-Gerd Janssen, former branch manager of Niedersachsen Ports in Cuxhaven; Knut Kokkelink, branch manager of Niedersachsen Ports in Cuxhaven; Folker Kielgast, technical managing director of Niedersachsen Ports (copyright: Andreas Burmann / NPorts)

    The board member of the Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) and Cuxhaven branch manager of Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts), Hans-Gerd Janssen, entered into retirement on 26 February 2019 after 33 years of loyal service. The Lord Mayor of Cuxhaven, Dr. Ulrich Getsch, as well as Enak Ferlemann, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, were present at the festivities to celebrate Janssen’s long-standing career at NPorts. After a two-month transitional period, certified engineer Knut Kokkelink will be assuming the responsibilities of the Cuxhaven branch manager.

    During the send-off, Holger Banik, managing director of NPorts, thanked Hans-Gerd Janssen for his service: “You have treated people, tasks and challenges with steady prudence and determination. You were not afraid to tackle difficult tasks and to make the necessary decisions.”

    The now-former branch manager started off in 1985 by working for the ports of Lower Saxony at the Lower Saxony Port Office in Emden, which is now the Emden branch of Niedersachsen Ports. Here, he worked as a business branch manager for new construction measures in the fields of port construction and maintenance. In 1991, he relocated to Cuxhaven, where after only four years he assumed the great responsibility of being the office manager of what was then the Elbe Port Office with jurisdiction over the ports of Cuxhaven and Stade. Under his leadership, inter alia, berths no. 1 through 4 as well as 8 through 9.5 were built in Cuxhaven. At the conclusion of his career, furthermore, the application documents for the planning approval procedure for berths no. 5 through 7 in Cuxhaven were filed. Hans-Gerd Janssen’s work made a significant contribution toward the seaport being a nexus for European short sea traffic and, moreover, for offshore wind energy along the North German coast.

    “Hans-Gerd Janssen always was fully engaged on behalf of the port of Cuxhaven and pushed its development ahead. Working together with him, and also together with NPorts, was always constructive, positive and marked by significant successes. We look forward to cooperating in the future with Knut Kokkelink and wish Hans-Gerd Janssen all the best for an active retirement and always a ‘hand’s breadth of water under the keel’,” said HWG chairman Hans-Peter Zint on the occasion of the send-off festivities.

    Now Knut Kokkelink is taking over the management of the Cuxhaven branch of NPorts. The engineer has been in charge of the technical division in Cuxhaven and Stade since 2017 where, amongst other things, he was responsible for new construction projects, including the Offshore Base in Cuxhaven, the Ro/Ro terminal at the Steubenhoeft (the pier for the England passenger ferry) and berth no. 4.

    The new cuxhaven branch manager of NPorts: Knut Kokkelink (Copyright: NPorts)