Cuxhaven and Hamburg cooperate over the new energy policy

Cuxhaven welcomes Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Frank Horch

Cuxhaven, 14 January 2013 – Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Frank Horch, visited Cuxhaven on Monday in order to obtain first-hand information about the expansion of the offshore base port. The talks mainly focused on possible synergies and economic cooperation in the field of maritime business and particularly offshore wind power at the ports of Cuxhaven and Hamburg.

The visit came in response to an invitation from Cuxhaven’s mayor, Dr. Ulrich Getsch, who welcomed Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs at Ritzebüttel Castle. Horch wrote his name in the town’s visitors’ book after a presentation on Cuxhaven as an offshore base port by Dr. Hans-Joachim Stietzel, Head of the Agency for the Promotion of Trade and Industry at Cuxhaven. The practical part of the visit began with an inspection of the drill tower at Offshore Safety Training Center & Co. KG, which enables companies to prepare for work on offshore facilities in realistic conditions. A tug then transported the visitor to the very heart of the offshore base in Cuxhaven. The visit to the port not only involved an inspection of berths 8 and 9 and the B141 commercial estates, but also an opportunity to meet two members of the Cuxhaven Port Business Community. Horch first took time to get an idea of the work being performed by Ambau GmbH, which manufactures steel pipe towers and steel foundations for offshore wind turbines at the site. Secondly, he inspected the modern multi-purpose terminal used by Cuxport GmbH, where large offshore components, like those made by Ambau, are handled.

Horch was clearly impressed by the infrastructure in Cuxhaven, saying, “Production and loading operations are very close to each other here. This is a crucial advantage when handling components of this size. Cuxhaven and Hamburg and the whole of the north of Germany are equal partners and need to pull in one direction – cooperation is the only way to ensure that we’re successful.”

Dr. Getsch has already drawn up the next plans for the site, adding, “We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far. But we currently need to look to the future and continue this positive trend by constructing berth 4. We will not be the only ones to benefit from this – there will be positive spinoffs for the offshore wind power capital, Hamburg, too and we view ourselves as an extension of Hamburg’s working area anyway.”

Following the visit, the two men agreed that Cuxhaven is an important partner in the Hamburg metropolitan region. It also became clear that developments in the offshore wind power sector could enable the two neighbouring business sites on the river Elbe to complement each other in future. Cuxhaven already offers a series of unique features in this important sector, for example its distinct infrastructure at the Offshore Terminals I + II, the Cuxport facility as well as the number of offshore companies and other offshore service providers that have set up business there. The production, pre-assembly work and handling of offshore components can only take place close to the wind parks in the North Sea like in Cuxhaven. Hamburg, which is further up the river Elbe, on the other hand is home to one of the largest concentrations of companies in Europe specialising in renewable energy sources, particularly in the fields of wind power, product development and sales, franchising and financing. Hamburg is also a major base for the offshore headquarters of important energy suppliers. Thanks to these complementary roles, the prospects for significant synergies are excellent at both ports. Important areas of future cooperation could include networking, marketing, the division of labour when handling projects, a continual exchange of expertise and initiatives launched by specialists.

About HWG

The Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) is an association of Cuxhaven companies, institutions and private individuals aimed at marketing and further developing the port site at the mouth of the river Elbe. The HWG is also campaigning to make Cuxhaven the most important port for offshore wind power in Germany.

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