"Offshore sector set to experience increased upswing in the coming years"

Interview with Jos van der Meer, CEO of Mibau Baustoffhandel GmbH

Mr van der Meer, how would you describe your company?

MIBAU is an international producer of crushed rock and the quarry it operates in Norway is the biggest of its kind in Europe. Crushers are employed there to produce stones of a variety of sizes. This natural stone is unloaded by large self-discharging ships in more than 40 ports. It is used in the form of sand, chips, gravel or stones as a construction material in a wide range of industries, for instance as a high quality raw material in the concrete and asphalt industry and as a building material in roadway, railway track and waterway construction.

What function do armour stones have?

Stones weighing from 1 kg up to an individual weight of 20 tonnes are marketed as armour stones. They are used both for coastal protection in embankments and jetties as well as for securing harbour bottoms at berths. Via Cuxhaven they are also used for scour protection in offshore wind farms. The stones guard the foundations of the wind turbines against being flushed away by the current and also ensure their long-term stability.

What fields of activity are located in Cuxhaven? What is it that characterises the location?

Cuxhaven is well integrated in the transport network to and from Bremen thanks to the A27 motorway. But it is the offshore sector that is undergoing particular development here. We have established Cuxhaven as the base port in the German Bight for loading goods onto special-purpose ships. Cuxhaven is the ideal location for these ships. By operating our terminals at Lentzkai and berth no. 9, we can offer an optimum service for all ship sizes. The easy access, short loading times and excellent framework conditions are justly rewarded.

What developments and projects is MIBAU currently concerned with? What are the current challenges in your sector?

The offshore sector is set to experience an increased upswing in the coming years. However, it is very important that we continue to optimise our services and offer more efficient solutions. In this respect, MIBAU has its own patented scour protection process that offers excellent protection despite the reduction in stone size. This process offers excellent prospects with plenty of potential for both the port of Cuxhaven and MIBAU itself.

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